How to save WhatsApp status without taking screenshot

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You can easily save your friend’s WhatsApp status (photos, videos, and animated GIFs) without taking a screenshot in Android.

Have you looked at your friend’s WhatsApp status which you felt memorable and thought wouldn’t it be nice if there is a way to save that status to your mobile without capturing a screenshot?

As many of you know, WhatsApp stores all the media files in WhatsApp/Media/ folder located in internal storage. Statuses which you see are also stored here. So, here are the steps to save status without taking a screenshot:

  1. Once you view your friend’s status, WhatsApp caches and stores it in
    Save WhatsApp status without taking screenshot
    Android Marshmallow file manager

    WhatsApp/Media/.Statuses located in internal storage. This is a hidden folder.

  2. For those having Android Marshmallow and above, there is an inbuilt file manager which shows hidden files by default, located at Settings > Storage & USB > Internal storage > Explore. For others, you need to enable hidden files in your preferred file manager to view .Statuses folder.
  3. Once you get into that folder, all the statuses seen by you are present. Select the status which you need to save, and copy it into your personal media folder because WhatsApp only stores statuses for 24 hours here. That’s it.

One thing to note – WhatsApp only caches statuses after you have seen it (In other words, it downloads the media files). In the case of video statuses, it may take longer time for WhatsApp to play for you or download them to internal storage.


  1. JK Sakala

    Yeah it works, just wonder if there could be a way to still maintain the text and name of the person making the status…

  2. Sagar

    Thank you so much brother ! It worked earlier I thought it's fake but I tried once to check and it successfully saved in my private folder.once again tysm vijayakumar !!

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