How to save items on Google to view later

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You can use the save button to store your favorite images, places, and web pages on Google to view them later from any device.

One of the Google’s little-known features is the “Saved” option which has been present for years. But Google recently introduced a hamburger menu on the mobile version of Google Search and revamped the Saved page. On the mobile version, you can save images, places, and travel itineraries. But you need to be on the desktop for saving web pages since it needs a Chrome extension. Let’s see how to save each one of them:

Make sure you are signed-in to your Google account before trying out these tasks. On the desktop, you can access Saved feature by directly going to, selecting View saved present in the top-right corner of the Google Images search results page or clicking View saved on the larger version of an image.

On the mobile version, when you perform a search on Google, a hamburger menu is displayed at the top-left. Expand it and select Saved. On the Google app, you can view saved items by tapping the floating View saved button at the bottom-right on Google Search results page.

View saved images, places, and web pages on Google
Tap the hamburger menu > Saved to view saved items.

Save images

To save images on desktop or mobile version, follow these steps:

  1. Search for the image you want to save on Google.
  2. Select the image to open a larger version of it.
  3. Select Save.
Saved images on Google
Open larger version of an image and select “Save.” You can also add tags to categorize.

You can add notes or tags (also known as lists) to images by selecting the image and following on-screen instructions. If you wish to delete the saved images, you can select the image and then remove.

Save places and travel itineraries

You can save places with these steps:

  1. Search for the place you want to save.
  2. On the desktop version, the Knowledge Panel on Google Search results page doesn’t display the Save option. So, you need to go to Google Maps by clicking on the result to save.
  3. On the mobile version, you can directly save from the Knowledge Panel itself on the search results page. You need to choose a list (Favorites, Want to go or Starred places) or create a new list. You can also save a place by going to Google Maps app.
Save places on Google
Tap the “Save” button and select a list to save places.

Save web pages with Chrome extension

You can save web pages on the desktop with Save to Google Chrome extension. Here is how to do it:

  1. Install the extension from Chrome Web Store.
  2. Visit the web page you would like to save and select the star in your Chrome toolbar to save.
  3. You can also add tags to categorize the saved web pages by selecting Add a tag.

If you have accidentally clicked the icon, you can click the trash bin icon to delete. You can also access the Saved page by clicking on View saves.

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