Kill boredom by playing games on Google

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Google has become an un-separable part of our life. In addition to getting your things done, you can play some cool games when you feel bored.

Google has everything and you can do whatever you need with Google. But what to do when you feel bored or have free time to just pass? Google got you covered in that too. It has some cool games that you can play on the desktop, mobile version, and the Google app. All you need to do is just Google the game names.

Below is a list of games you can play:


After you Google solitaire, the game will show and select Click to Play. First, you need to choose your difficulty (easy or hard). There is a timer and your moves are calculated. You can undo a move by selecting the Undo button at the bottom.


This is my favorite one out of the four. After you Google Pac-Man, select Click to Play. If you are using the desktop, you can use the arrow keys. If you are on mobile, tap the direction you want to move. Good luck escaping from the ghosts!


After you Google tic-tac-toe, you are directly presented with the game. Select a difficulty level and start the game. You can also play with your friend.

Fidget spinner

Google fidget spinner and start spinning. This cannot be called a game, but just a stress-reliever. You can toggle to Number mode and also select the Wheel size.

That is all of some games you can play on Google. Happy playing!

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