How to schedule and save tweets on Twitter

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You can now save your unsent tweets as drafts and even schedule to send them later. Read this guide to know-how.

If you’re a social media influencer, you may need to send tweets at a particular time for getting the maximum attention and also have several Tweet ideas to be posted. The new Twitter update makes your life easy! You can now save your incomplete tweets as drafts to send them later and also schedule Tweets to send them at a particular time.

How to save Tweets as drafts on mobile apps

Saving Tweets as drafts have been there for some time in mobile apps. But recently Twitter has launched it for the desktop site. Here is how to do them on different platforms.


  • Tap the “Tweet” icon. After typing your incomplete tweet, tap the X.
  • Confirm the prompt by tapping Save.
  • To view your Tweet drafts, go to your profile > Tap the “three dots” > Drafts. To delete the draft, long-tap on that particular draft > Delete draft. You can also edit by selecting the Edit draft option.
  • Another way to see your saved drafts is to go to the “Tweet composer” window by tapping the Tweet icon and then tap Drafts. You will only see the Drafts option if there is at least one draft Tweet saved.

iPhone or iPad

  • Tap the Tweet icon. After typing your incomplete tweet, tap Cancel.
  • Confirm the prompt by selecting the Save draft option.
  • To view your saved drafts, tap the Tweet icon > Drafts.

Note that if you log out or uninstall the mobile app, all your Tweet drafts will be permanently deleted. Also, your drafts don’t sync to your other devices on which you are using Twitter.

How to save Tweets as drafts on the desktop (

  • After you start composing your Tweet in the Tweet composer window, click the X and then confirm the prompt by selecting Save.
  • You will be notified that “Your draft was saved”.
  • To view your drafts, go to the Tweet composer window and select Unsent Tweets. You will see this option only if you have at least one saved draft.
  • You can also go directly to this link to view your saved Tweets.
  • In the Unsent Tweets window, you can see all your saved Tweets. You can delete by selecting Edit > Select all or Deselect all if you need to do multiple selection or deselection > Delete. Click Done once you are complete.

Drafts that you save on the desktop site doesn’t sync to your mobile apps.

When you’re ready, you can just tap the draft by following the above steps and Tweet it to your audience.

How to schedule Tweets

Scheduling Tweets work only on the desktop version.

  • Go to the Tweet composer window. Once you have composed your Tweet, click the “tweet scheduling” icon, and choose the “Date” & “Time” > Confirm.
  • Click Schedule. You can see your scheduled Tweets by going to the Unsent Tweets > Scheduled tab or directly go to this link. You can follow the same Tweet draft steps to Edit.
  • To update the scheduled time, click the tweet and click the timestamp > Update.
How to schedule and save tweets on Twitter

You cannot see your scheduled Tweets on your mobile apps. Syncing your Tweet drafts and scheduling Tweets option on mobile apps would have been very useful for those using Twitter juggling between devices. Hope they are included in future updates.

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