How to scan QR codes using Google Lens and Twitter

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Have Twitter or Google Lens installed on your device and still using QR code scanner apps? Know how to scan QR codes using Google Lens or Twitter itself.

There is a good chance that many of us use Twitter and have installed on our mobile devices. If you’re using Android, even if you don’t have a Twitter app, you would still have Google Lens. But do you use some third-party QR (Quick Response) code scanner apps? You don’t have to use them, instead use the Google Lens or the Twitter app itself to take care of this.

How to use Google Lens to scan external QR codes

If you’re using Android, you can use Google Lens from the Google Lens app, Google Assistant, and Google Photos. In the case of iOS or iPadOS, you can fire Google Lens from the Google Photos or Google app.

Scan QR codes using camera

  • In Android, open the Google Lens app. If you’re using iPhone or iPad, open the Google app and tap the “Google Lens” icon in the search bar. You may need to allow camera access.
  • Point the camera to the QR code you would like to scan. Google Lens will display an overlay over the QR code it identifies with the webpage name.
  • Tap that QR code or webpage to open. Google Lens even recognizes multiple QR codes at once. You can tap on the one you would like to open.
How to scan QR codes using camera on Google Lens

To use Google Lens from Google Assistant, open Google Assistant by saying “Ok Google” or by long-pressing the home button. Tap the “Google Lens” icon and follow the above steps.

Bonus logs:

Scan QR code from your gallery

  • Once you’re in the Google Photos app, select the QR code photo you want to scan.
  • Tap the “Google Lens” icon.
  • QR code is scanned and you’ll be shown the URL or what information that QR code contains.
  • Tap on that link to open or you can also open the webpage by tapping the Website button.
  • You can tap the Copy URL button or tap the Share button to share the link via other apps.
How to scan QR codes from gallery on Google Lens

How to use the Twitter app to scan external QR codes

Twitter launched its code scanner feature while introducing Twitter profile QR codes. In case you’re wondering, it provides an easy way to follow people or share your profile using QR codes. It not only works for scanning Twitter accounts, but all external QR codes in general.


  • Tap the “hamburger menu” at the top-right of your Twitter app and then the “QR code” icon at the bottom.
  • Tap the “code scanner” icon at the bottom and point the camera to the QR code.
  • You can also choose a code from your gallery by swiping left and tapping the “photo” icon at the top-right.
  • Once you’ve scanned, you will be displayed a short preview of that QR code. If it is an URL, it will prompt you whether to “Open external URL” displaying the link of that webpage. Select OK to go to that page or else CANCEL. If it is a message, you will be shown that text behind the QR code.
  • If you have other codes to scan, tap Scan another code.
How to use the Twitter app to scan external QR codes

You can also go to the QR code page by tapping the hamburger menu > Profile > Three dots at the top-right > QR code.

How to scan QR codes using Twitter app


  • Tap your profile at the top menu > QR code icon at the bottom right.
  • Here, you can scan the QR code.
  • To select a QR code from your gallery, swipe left and tap the “photo icon” at the top-right.

Bonus log: If you’re using iPhone or iPad, your built-in Camera app itself has the ability to scan QR codes.

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