How to hide photos on Instagram and Google Photos

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Learn how to hide photos on Instagram and Google Photos, and clear the clutter. You can unhide the archived items at any time.

All of us have some awkward media on these photo-sharing applications: Instagram and Google Photos. With the recent updates to both the apps, there is finally a way to hide those media without deleting them. Both the apps call it as “Archive” feature. Before trying these new features, make sure you are running the latest versions of both the apps.

How to hide photos on Instagram

Instagram Archive feature works on both Android and iOS. Here are the steps:

  1. Select the post you would like to hide.
  2. Tap the vertical three dots present at the top-right of the post in Android (or horizontal three dots in iOS).
  3. Select Archive to hide it.

Remember that when you archive a post, all the likes and comments are maintained.

Archive a post in Instagram
Archive a post in Instagram by tapping three dots > Archive.

How to unhide the posts on Instagram

You can unhide a post at any time and the post will go to the same previous location. To unhide:

  1. Go to your profile and tap the icon near the Discover People icon in Android (or the icon present in the top-right on iOS).
  2. Tap the photo and select Show on Profile by tapping three dots.
View your archived posts in Instagram
To unarchive, go to Archive and tap the post > three dots > Show on Profile.

How to hide photos on Google Photos

Google Photos Archive feature works on all the versions (Web, Android, and iOS) and the steps are similar. Here is how to archive:

  1. Select a photo (or multiple photos).
  2. Tap More (three vertical dots) and select Archive. You can also archive additional photos from here by tapping the icon at the top near the three vertical dots.
Archive photos in Google Photos
To archive a photo, tap More > Archive.

Your archived items will still be visible in search results, device folders, and albums. Archive feature simply hides the items from Photos view. You can view the archived photos by tapping the hamburger Menu > Archive.

Occasionally, you may get an assistant card to archive photos of documents, receipts, etc. You may review the photos by tapping Review suggestions in that card.

How to unhide photos on Google Photos

To unarchive a photo:

  1. Go to Archive by tapping the hamburger menu.
  2. Select a photo (or multiple photos) and tap More (three dots in the top-right) > Unarchive.
View your archived items in Google Photos
Go to Google Photos archive by tapping the hamburger menu > Archive.

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