How to fine-tune your Instagram’s Explore page

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If your Instagram’s Explore page display odd stuff you don’t like, you can fine-tune it according to your preferences.

Have you ever felt that while browsing your Instagram’s Explore page, the photos and videos displayed doesn’t match your interests? It is because the stuff displayed there is based on the posts you like, the people you follow like, videos you watched or accounts you interact with. But you can make it match your interests by hiding posts you don’t like.

Bring Instagram’s Explore page under your control

When you see a post you don’t like in Explore page, you can remove it with this tip:

  1. Go to the post by tapping it.
  2. Tap three vertical dots (Android) or three horizontal dots (iOS) on the top-right corner of the post and select See Fewer Posts Like This.
  3. Select one of the three options.
Fine-tune Instagram’s Explore page
Tap three dots at the top-right of the post on Instagram’s Explore page > “See Fewer Posts Like This.”

Remember that what you see in Explore tab is automatically selected based on how you use the app. So, use the app in the way suggesting Instagram the stuff you love by liking and commenting on such posts, searching tags and other things you like and following accounts that match your interests.

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