Change Gmail appearance easily on the web

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Tried to customize your Gmail layout on the web and felt that those settings aren’t under one bucket? Gmail solves this issue with the new update.

Gmail recently updated the web version of the Settings menu making it easier for the users to customize the layout all-in-one place. Let’s see how to do them and what those settings are.

Customize Gmail web layout

To quickly customize the Gmail appearance, head over to Gmail and click Settings (gear icon) at the top-right. Quick settings will open. Here you can find all the following customization options:

  • DENSITY – To customize the way your emails are displayed with options such as “Default”, “Comfortable” (spacious), and “Compact” (closely packed).
  • THEME – To change the wallpaper, choose between “Light” and “Dark” text background, add a “Vignette” and add “Blur”.
  • INBOX TYPE – You can organize your inbox by choosing from options such as “Default”, “Important first”, “Unread first”, “Starred first”, “Priority Inbox”, and “Multiple Inboxes”.
  • READING PANE – You can preview your emails by adding a reading pane. Choose from options such as “No split” and whether the reading pane should be displayed to the “Right of inbox” or Below inbox”.
  • You can also group emails of the same topic together by checking the Conversation view.
Change Gmail appearance easily on the desktop version

Any settings you change will automatically reflect on your Gmail layout in real-time for you to preview the changes and revert if you don’t like it. To view the complete Gmail settings, click See all settings button at the top of the panel.

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