How to add your information to Google Search with people card

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Add your information on Google with people cards and display your virtual visiting card when people search for your name on Google Search.

Are you a content creator and wondering how to display your information when people search for your name on Google similar to the way Google Search displays information about famous people in knowledge panels? Google has introduced a virtual visiting card feature known as “people cards” which allows you to add your information such as summary, profession, social links, and so on to Google Search.

Currently, this feature is available only in India and for those who have set their language to English.

Display your virtual visiting card on Google with “Add me to Search”

People cards on Google Search is currently mobile-only. You can add only one people card per Google account and you should authenticate your phone number first. To add your people card on Google:

  • Make sure you’re signed in to your Google account and Web & App Activity is turned on.
  • Search for “add me to search” or just your name in the mobile browser or Google app.
  • Tap Get started to “Add yourself to Google Search”. Tap View Example to see a sample preview of how people card looks.
  • If you want to add your business listing, you need to tap Is this a business? Add it to google here link.
  • There are certain mandatory fields such as Name, Location, About, and Occupation.
  • You can add other details such as Work, Education, Hometown, Website, Social profiles, Email, and Phone number by tapping the “plus sign” to the right of each field. Some fields are populated based on your Google account and you cannot change your Google email address.
  • If you’re adding your phone number, you need to tap the “edit icon” and then “Verify phone number”.
Add your virtual visiting card on Google Search with people card
  • Once you’re done adding all information, tap Preview and then Save. You will get a Success prompt. Click View Search card to see your people card. It should be live in a few hours.
Save your information on Google people card

Note that everything you add here is public i.e. it can be seen by the world.

After your people card is saved, you can go-back and edit at anytime.

  • Search for “edit my people card” or your name or even add me to search.
  • Tap Edit at the right of your card.
  • Follow the same steps as above.
Edit your people card on Google Search

How to remove my people card

If you want your people card to not display when people search for you, you can go to the Edit page by following the above steps and tap Remove my search card from Google > DELETE.

If you believe that someone is impersonating you or want to report a problem or abusive content, you can tap the Feedback below the people card and select an appropriate option.

How to search for someone’s people card on Google

Here is how to search for someone’s virtual visiting card on Google:

  • Search for their “name” on Google. You can narrow down your search by adding their profession too.
  • If that person has added their people card to Google, it will be displayed under People tab with their name, occupation, and location. You need to scroll down to view this tab. People tab will be sandwiched after some results. If there are multiple people with the same name, you will see multiple modules to help you choose.
  • Tap the “people card” to expand more details.

One feature I wish Google had included was the ability to share or embed people cards. That would have pushed the concept of virtual visiting cards still far and could serve as an online portfolio.

So, what are you waiting for? Go and up your online presence by adding your virtual visiting card on Google.

Bonus log: Do you know that Google Assistant can read your web pages aloud?

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