About & FAQ

Utilitylog, founded on October 5, 2015—is your dose of useful tech how-tos, hacks, and tips!

Behind the blog

I’m Vijayakumar Soundararadjou, founder & author of Utilitylog.

You can email vijay@utilitylog.com to contact me.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the Frequently Asked Questions regarding Utilitylog.

How do I subscribe to Utilitylog?

You can sign up for Utilitylog’s newsletter or follow Utilitylog on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.

How readers’ privacy is protected on Utilitylog?

Utilitylog respects and values your privacy. You may refer to Utilitylog’s privacy policy to understand more about privacy in detail.

Is there any trivia behind the launch date?

Yes, Utilitylog was born on October 5, 2015—a special date, since it is a palindrome (5-10-15).

Can I write articles for Utilitylog?

Sorry! Currently, Utilitylog is solely written and managed by me. I have no idea of accepting guest articles from anyone at present.

Can I re-publish your articles on my blog or any other medium?

Sorry! You aren’t permitted to use the entire article. There is a lot of work involved behind every article published on Utilitylog. However, if you wish to quote certain points, kindly provide appropriate credits.

I have a tech tip or question. How do I contact you?

If you have an interesting tech tip or need answers for your queries, you can send me an email at vijay@utilitylog.com or contact me through the above mentioned social media accounts. Your tip will be explored further and written only if it is on-topic & useful, otherwise, it will not be considered.

Regarding your queries, I will try to answer if possible through a tutorial or through the way you contact me.

In both the cases, proper credits will be given to you in the tutorial.

There is something wrong somewhere on Utilitylog. How do I inform you?

Thank you for coming forward to improve this blog. You can send me an email at vijay@utilitylog.com or contact through social media accounts regarding any broken features or typos.

I have a suggestion or question. How can I reach you?

If you have a suggestion or question, you can send me an email at vijay@utilitylog.com or contact through social media accounts.